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Travel Prep

The whole process of traveling can be divided into many phases, the most important of which are listed below:

1. Initial Planning: This involves arranging for all the physical travel, arranging for accommodation and plenty of other logistics. Probably the most important component since your entire trip depends on it. This requires browsing through tons of sites out there to look for the best deals, and actively inquiring with other people where they stayed, whether they would suggest something different.

2. Knowing the place: What are all the places to see over there, what interesting events happened over there in history, digging the place on wikitravel and reading other travel logs. This is a much more solitary activity as compared to the first one, you go through the time line and visit that place while sitting in front of your computer screen. You do ask people which places to go, and value their feedback but it is something that is very subjective. Someone who is interested in historical monuments will not tell you about myriad of other adventurous things to do, and someone who is a night animal will completely forget about various day activities.

3. Navigation: Once you are at that place, you can save yourself a lot of time if there is someone with you with a good sense of direction. This problem, I think, has now been mitigated by the arrival of Smartphones and GPS based apps but if you do not have them, it can become pretty difficult to navigate in a new area. Saurabh once told me how there are cultural differences in terms of asking someone for directions, while in India, almost all the navigation relies on human GPS, people in US are much more reluctant on asking and being asked.

I am ridiculous in points 1 and 3. The reason for 1 being there is always someone better to do that part for me i.e Rahul in Europe, Priyank/Saloni in Bangalore, Malik in Singapore. So I have never really tried it. And I just cannot remember directions! I am, somehow, always able to lose my way. I need to get an Iphone/Galaxy II soon.

I consider myself good in 2. Not great, but I can be your interactive, informative guide who loves to explain stuff and hear ‘ooohh’ from you. 🙂

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