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We made a plan to roam Chinatown after office hours today to feel the vibe of everything Chinese over there. Chinatown has a unique architecture in the sense there is a certain geometry associated with the way buildings are structured over there. I felt that my 3 dimensional vision was much more able to appreciate the normal depth effect. Below is an account of the places we visited today, and one complete tea experience along with the pictures.

1. Pearl’s Centre: Wiki travel entry of this place read something like this “Labyrinthine old shopping mall with a bizarre assortment of stores, ranging from Buddhist paraphernalia (most of the 2nd/3rd floors) to sexy underwear for men (two shops in the basement) and everything in between. The Yangtze cineplex, infamous for showing only notionally arty soft-porn movies, is located on the fourth floor”. We went there and found that the place is too confusing to navigate, and with the lack of proper instructions in English, we quickly gave up both on 4th floor and in basement. 😀

2. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple: Unfortunately when we reached there, it was already closed. It looked exactly the way you will imagine a Chinese historic building with imposing grandeur as evident in this pic

3. Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice: It was written on wiki that NY times had raved about the ‘chicken rice’ of this place, but when we reached there it, too,  was closed. (infi bad luck!) Apparently, it runs out of all its contents very soon due to high demand. We had chicken rice at an adjacent shop and they were not particularly great. Despite that, there are plenty of other Chinese cuisine to try at that place. (Maxwell center)

4. Tea Chapter: For a complete procedure on how to serve authentic Chinese tea, start moving forward from this pic.

Nice short evening trip.

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