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It took me a good 30 minutes to come up with a name of this blog. So, in the first post, I am going to describe the thought process that went into choosing  a name (no wonder, there are books written for naming your baby):

“I want to have a travel blog, where I can write about places I have already visited and my future plans for a backpacking trip in Europe/Australia. That’s easy, just make one in WordPress. What should I name it? How about a simple travelog. Heck! it is already taken, what was I even thinking. Well, the blog title should contain three main important labels: it should be about travel, it should be a log, it should contain little personalization of some sort. What about traveldiary then? taken, obviously. Let’s check for various thesaurus options for log: account, book, register, tally. hmph. plenty of options I could use. Let’s think something about travel part. traveltally? travelregister? travelaccount? naah, they sound too un-cool. May be I should look beyond travel. How about voyage. Let’s check bonvoyage. Taken. How about transliteration in Hindi then? Safarnama? Naah. I want something in English only. Thesaurus entries for travel: wanderlust, trekking, tour, transit. The last one is exciting. I could have a transit count in one pane of the blog, which would denote number of times I have crossed a border. Ok, transit settled then. Transittally? Naah. Lets think about it later. What about the personalization part. I am a disorganized traveler, I never plan my trips, there is always someone else who does that for me. My strong point is doing a field work for that city, reading wiki, wiki travel, blogs about that place. I am a reader who is traveling. hmph. That is an interesting theme. So Reader + Transit + log. I have a kindle now, and the formats I use in it are mobi and epub. May be I can leverage reader and log into a file extension epub. how about transitepub? Naah. epub is too visible. etransitpub? This sounds cool. Let’s check for it. Ah! got it.”

Not a very cool story, but I liked the whole arbit thought process that went into it.

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